Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special

京都 柳馬場 ほん田亭Kyoto Yanaginobanba HONDATEIMackerel

  • Kyoto Yanaginobanba HONDATEI
  • Kyoto Yanaginobanba HONDATEI

Shabu-Shabu Set with pike conger fresh from the fish tank  3,500yen

    *2 days advance order required

    Shabu-Shabu Course with pike conger fresh from the fish tank  5,000yen

      *1 day advance order required

      • Kyoto Yanaginobanba HONDATEI2
      • Kyoto Yanaginobanba HONDATEI3
      • Pan-Japanese cuisine
      • Imperial Palace / Nijo Castle / Karasuma
      Shop NameKyoto Yanaginobanba HONDATEI (京都 柳馬場 ほん田亭)
      Seat details28seats (chair seating/counter seating/)
      Accepted credit cards

      *Cash payment only

      • Babies and children welcome
      • Smoke-free

      *Children's menu available (advanced order required)
      *No smoking in dining area (separate smoking area available)