Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special


What is Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special?

I am Shigeo Araki, Chairperson of the Executive Committee of Kyoto Restaurants from the beginning of this fiscal year. I am pleased to announce that we have decided to hold the much-awaited event, Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special 2019, utilizing our experience in the Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special events. Our aim is to promote familiarization of Kyoto food culture, boost the low season, and encourage tourists from home and abroad to easily enjoy Kyoto flavors.

The Kyoto Restaurant event started modeled on NYC Restaurant Week, which is held twice a year in the summer and winter, and is one of the most popular events in New York City, where many participating restaurants including fancy, exclusive ones offer meals at a reasonable fixed price. Applying what we learned from the NYC event, we have reached the tenth year since the first Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special. We have now evolved enough to match NYC and hold the event in the summer too. I would like to express my gratitude to every store which has been committed to great service, and all the customers who have delivered to us their satisfied voices, for having this opportunity in the summer. The numbers of both visitors and participating restaurants have been increasing for the past ten years, and on this occasion we have over 30 more shops joining us for the first time.

Unlike the NYC event, we offer a price range with seven different fixed prices, from which each store can choose to apply to their characteristic menus, resulting in wider choices for customers. We have a great selection of 148 shops and restaurants, from Kyoto cuisine, buckwheat noodles, eel, and sushi, to Italian, French, and Chinese, to Kyotoites’ favorite griddle meats, ingenious up-and-coming innovative cuisine, to sweets, all offering wonderful dishes using late summer to early autumn Kyoto ingredients with easy-to-understand pricing including taxes and service charges. We hope you take this opportunity to enjoy your meal at Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special 2019!

Shigeo Araki,
Chair of the Executive Committee of Kyoto Restaurants

Authentic cuisine are all the product of artistic skills

Summer in Kyoto is so fascinating – special viewings of cultural properties in temples, five spectacular fires atop the mountains, cormorant fishing, thousands of lantern lightings in temples and so on. Now these attractions can be more easily enjoyed along with Kyoto food, as I am very pleased to announce the debut of Kyoto Restaurant Summer Special.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to each participating store and all the people who have contributed to this event.

Our Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special event, which started as an opportunity for people to leisurely experience the food culture in Kyoto in the low season of winter, is now well recognized as a seasonal feature of Kyoto, bringing many people into winter Kyoto.

Summer is a relatively relaxing time in the city. Many restaurants will be offering time-limited, specially-priced menus prepared with wisdom and ingenuity. Also to commemorate the debut of the summer event, we have partnered with Obama city in Fukui prefecture to prepare a special menu using their specialty, “drunkard mackerel”, and special accommodation plans exclusive to this occasion.

Kyoto has a wide range of restaurants from Japanese, of course, to Western-style and Chinese cuisines, from time-honored to up-and-coming establishments. In this less crowded season, we hope you fully enjoy authentic cuisine and cordial hospitality.

Daisaku Kadokawa,
Mayor of Kyoto City